Free And Open Source CG Tools Pack. Includes Afanasy render farm manager, Rules project tracker and tools around it.

AFANASY Render Farm Manager

Key Features:

Software Integration:



WEB engine to view/modify folders structure, designed for CG projects tracking.

What is Afanasy used for 🔗

Here is an automatically generated content of a folder that contains icons. This icons were created and shared by Afanasy users (contributors). Icon helps to identify different services (tasks types) in GUIs. This is not a full list, and it can't be full. Many users create services and icons for just in-house purposes, not for sharing with others.
As you see, render manager is used for different maintenance tools, such as creating archives, encode/decode movies, upload/copy files. Also this does not mean that CGRU out-of-the-box has tools to create all this jobs. Such tools are usually in-house, specific for each studio needs.

Who is using Afanasy 🔗

This is a studio logos that uses Afanasy. This list can't be full as the project is open-source and there is no clients base. Also some studios do not want or can't say what software they are using. This list is automatically generated reading logos folder in alphabetical order.